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The story of the people on Tonga really hit me last night, some of the struggles they are in, and I wanted to help out, so I have decided that Cosy Gifts has sent a contribution of $200 AUD to the Go Fund Me page setup by the "Tonga Flagbearer" as he refers himself.

This is what Pita has to say;

"Hi All, Pita Taufatofua, the Tongan Flag Bearer here. As you all know a large Tsunami caused by a volcanic eruption has devastated Tonga. The eruption occurred in Haapai  and spread through to all islands. Initial reports of damage have been catastrophic and all communications with Tonga have been wiped out. In preparation and through the recovery efforts we are seeking your donations to help our island Kingdom. My Father, the Governor of Haapai is on Tongatapu. At this stage we haven't heard from him but are preparing for assistance for the country. Haapai is a series of low laying island most of which have no elevation. I am currently in training camp in Australia but am imobilising all the assistance I can to send to our beloved Tonga. In the coming days, weeks we will need your help.  Initial priority for the funds will go towards those most in need, infrastructure and damage to schools, hospitals etc. This is an ongoing fundraiser and will be updated regularly. Your assistance and support in this time of need is greatly appreciated.

Ofa atu all and Ofa atu Tonga"

And this recent update.
"I've reached out to one of the two big bakeries on Ha'apai and offered to kick of the ' immediate needs' portion of the fundraiser to help cover costs for bread in Haapai till more help arrives. This includes costs for flour, sugar etc. Haapai was heavily hit by the tsunami with all homes on mango island being destroyed and many others around the islands suffering damage.

Still waiting to hear back as communication is sporadic. We will also be funding fuel costs for small boats in Haapai to deliver fresh bread to some of the outer islands. We are looking to find someone local with a boat to do these deliveries but with comms down this is challenging. Small boats aren't always structurally reliable and can be expensive to operate for locals. If you know of someone and can contact them ( the challenging part) let us know.

We are also looking for anyone who is able to get through to the bakery at Ha'atou and If there is one on Nomuka which was also heavily hit to inform them that we will assist with these costs.

This is just the start and while our focus is on medium to longer term projects to help we are trying to fill gaps in ' immediate needs' . Bread may seem trivial for some but In Tonga, Bread and tea is a staple for breakfast and in the evenings and brings both a full belly and wide smile ! All of this is being made possible from all your help.

Ofa atu all
For anyone looking to assist Tonga we have added a link in my bio."
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The gofundme page link is here:
and the updates from Pita on instagram are here
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